There are some inevitabilities in life that we must encounter. School work is one of those big ones. The fact is that the inception of this blog is in part due to a class project in Web Design 101. So, I signed up for a blog, paid my dues, and soon will begin creating a blog of my own design apart from some of those overused templates. As this post stands now, it lives on a page with little CSS styling and is quite hideous with those blue/purple links and serif type awkwardly set all over the page. Thus begins the assignment (I dedicate this to you John).

Designing a blog has its unique challenge. Their content is user generated, and there is next to no control over the html. That leaves you with your divs, classes, IDs, and text just already to be defined and beautified. However, this still leaves you completely open to formating through that beautiful thing called CSS. Here are some particularly nice blogs that break from the convention of the Web 2.0 style templates usually default with wordpress.

This blog does a particularly nice job of disguising a boxy structure by using graphics to soften edges and transparencies to give it a small depth to the page. The additional pages are also floated up to the right and individually colored which looks pretty nice. The more I look at it, the less I like it for personal reasons (like the type choice and some of the graphics), but still, she’s got a custom look and took the time to put the details into everything.. Just before I was about to move on I read here post saying that she has enjoyed the ton of traffic from the bump from Smashing Magazine’s “45 Excellent Blog Designs” but that she’s getting ready to change the design. What a zinger! Upward and onward as I like to say.

Papel Continuo
Creative graphics and I love the use of using two-color gifs to make it look like it came from one of those old continuous ream office printers. Oh man, I used to draw on paper like that for ages when my dad brought it home from work. I hadn’t yet learned to enjoy sketchbooks and drawing paper so I just went for the white stuff and it was good. I can’t read spanish so thats about all I can say about that.

Chris Contolini’s blog
“Google maps dawg.” Enough said but I do wish he could post in other coordinates. For a pedestrian in San Francisco he sure doesn’t move around a lot.

The Rissington Podcast
One of the best and simplest use of illustration i’ve seen. It’s refreshing to see on the web, but the designer still managed to keep the background calm and the type soft enough so neither one interrupts the look he has going on there. Kudos to you.

Hope you’re satisfied with those posts John. As for me, the future of my blog is limitless! I’m going to change the world! CSS here I come!


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    Thanks a lot for the link and the comments about Papel Continuo 🙂

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