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I’m in my Senior year at Philadelphia University, in a love-hate relationship with Graphic Design Communications. 21 years old and I am on the cusp of graduating and stepping into what people tell me is the “real world.” As I prepare for a professional career, I constantly question my own work and the future thats wiping its feet on my doormat. I am engaged to a lovely lady and two deformed cats. Oh the life I lead!

Conscience Break

Ah, glorious spring break! While I am eternally grateful for not being in school, I still can’t relax as the pressures to finish projects and my portfolio are in lieu of an inebriated week of warm weather and breast exposure. Four years of school and not once have I been afforded the opportunity to have […]

My Guide to Wasting Time

I’ve heard people say since ’96, “you can find anything on the internet!” And what joyous occasions we have all spent, surfing the for countless hours and exploring the world wide web. However, most people now get sucked into the same social networking sites and dedicate their precious time to youtube, myspace and facebook. It’s […]


There are some inevitabilities in life that we must encounter. School work is one of those big ones. The fact is that the inception of this blog is in part due to a class project in Web Design 101. So, I signed up for a blog, paid my dues, and soon will begin creating a […]